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                                      2020 Irrigation Service Agreement


Standard Option


o   Opening of the system, turning on water.

o   Checking for any leaks and repairing as necessary.

o   Adjusting timer for the most advantageous watering.

o   Checking all heads and adjusting as necessary.

o   Winterization, shutting down system, blowing out lines.


                                                Total cost=  $200.00 + tax




                                            Standard Option Plus


o   All of the services of the Standard Option.

o   Additional mid summer visit to ensure all of the equipment is                functioning at its highest level.


                                            Total cost=$275.00 + tax








  • "I work for a local solar company - we had a customer in need of immediate assistance with their irrigation line which was cut while digging a trench. Despite it being the busie..."
    Chris Carlino
    Project Manager
  • "Alf is the kind of person you want on your short-list of honest, reliable, knowledgeable service companies. He knows exactly what he's doing with irrigation, he won't oversell ..."
    Andy Herz