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Posted by Priscoe Family on January 27, 2011 at 8:10 AM




One of the things I love most about Westfield is the strong sense of community and loyalty in town. I know of many people who grew up here in town and decided to stay here in Westfield to raise their own kids. I’m one of them (even bringing my husband, Joel, across the border from Scotch Plains) and many of my friends are.


Today I am writing about Alf Priscoe, who graduated from Westfield High School in 1985. When he got married, Alf couldn’t think of a better place to live than right here in Blue Devil Country. Alf’s background includes 10 years of developing golf courses around the country, including in Colorado, South Carolina and right here in New Jersey. He even journeyed outside the country to develop one down in Grenada. He has also spent several years as a foreman for an irrigation company.


But with all of that traveling, Alf wanted the sense of community that he could only find in Westfield and settled here, buying a house across the street from his childhood home.


Now Alf is striking out on his own professionally, starting up A. Priscoe Irrigation here in Westfield. Alf is very excited about his new company and can’t wait to get out and work on irrigation projects in the area. He has a website at apriscoeirrigation.webs.com and his number is 908-233-3652.


Good luck Alf!


-Westfield Patch January, 2011-

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  • "Alf is the kind of person you want on your short-list of honest, reliable, knowledgeable service companies. He knows exactly what he's doing with irrigation, he won't oversell ..."
    Andy Herz
  • "Alf is top notch in my book. Not only did he do an excellent job installing my sprinkler system, but also handled the replace of some gutter drainage issues. His attention to de..."
    Joe Dec